The fascination of aviation - aircraft calendars by enthusiasts for enthusiasts

The nose in heaven …

this is the best way to describe the fascination of aviation in the case of our owner Rinco.

He looks up, spots an airplaneand can say with great certainty which airplane it is and where it is coming from. Yes, the regular study of Flightradar24 is essential in order to be able to make such precise statements. For a non-airplane freak, this is more of a case for the doctor. 😉 But for us aviation enthusiasts – and we’ll count you among them when you land here – this is probably relatively normal and “vital” 😉

This is how the path to the aircraft calendarwas formed, which will be available for the fifth time with new content for 2022.

In addition, Rinco flies (accompanied by a flight instructor) from time to time with a Cessna through the Franconian skies.

Rinco AlbertBut he even prefers to sit in thecockpit of the large airliner. He has already flown A320, A340, A350, A380 and B747. Of course only in the Lufthansafull-flight simulator in Frankfurt. But then with a greatly increasing level of knowledge and increasing experience in various “maneuvers” in the air and on landing.

If you are now thinking, “finally an airplane madman like me”, then you are very welcome to our website.

Rinco and his team would be happy if you order the aircraft calendarCivil Aviation 2022 and fly with it through 2022.


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By the way:
We send our aircraft calendar 2022 worldwide, because our fan base is growing from year to year! You can also get the aircraft calendars for 2022 on site from selected aviation dealers, e. B. in the Netherlands and Finland.